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At ADHD UK we’ve witnessed how impactful working with an ADHD Life Coach can be. For that reason we facilitate no cost coaching via our “Ask an ADHD Coach” and “Expert Led Support Group” online sessions. Sessions have no charge (with donations very gratefully received). Funding for one-to-one coaching may also be available via an Access to Work Grant .

Our sessions offer an opportunity to get help directly, to learn more about coaching, and to identify a coach you feel you could work well with. We’ve selected our panel of coaches carefully and are very grateful that for the donation of their time to ADHD UK.

The Coaches we currently work with are below. If you are qualified Life Coach or qualified Counsellor and are interested in getting involved with our mission to positively change what it means to have ADHD in the UK then please get in touch by filling in this form.

Name: Alex Campbell 

Qualifications: BACP registered therapist, qualified with a Post-Graduate Diploma from The Minster Centre, the UK’s leading Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy training institute. Qualified XLP mentor and coach.

About them: Alex was one of the first 40 recorded people to be diagnosed and treated for ADHD in the UK, in 1990. He’s a registered therapist, certified coach and Mental Health First Aid Instructor.

After an early career in TV and film production, he changed tack to train as a psychotherapist and co-founded a successful corporate wellbeing consultancy (In-house Wellbeing). ADHD Alex was born out of all this experience. From there, Alex found his true passion: helping people better understand ADHD through education and coaching – not only personally but also professionally for those who work within organisations or manage neurodivergent employees.

He’s a professional ally who helps his clients understand how they’re wired, play to their strengths, and silence their inner critic – in order to discover how ADHD can truly help them thrive.

Alex’s ADHD UK events: www.store.adhduk.co.uk/product-category/coach/alex-campbell

Alex’s website link to contact him directly: www.harleysttherapy.co.uk

Alex Campbell

Name: Tony Coward 

Qualifications: Tony trained with ADDCA (ADD Coaching Academy) and is an ADDCA Associate Certified Coach (AACC). Trained Mental Health First Aider.

About them: Tony not only empowers ADHD adults to overcome their unique ADHD challenges. He is passionate about coaching adults who have a sense of ‘unfulfilled potential’ to redefine themselves, their goals and their future.

Tony’s ADHD UK events: www.store.adhduk.co.uk/product-category/coach/tony-coward

Tony’s website link to contact him directly: www.nomadd.coach

Tony Coward

Name: Lex Harvey-Bryn

Qualifications: Level 7 in executive coaching and life coaching.

About them: Lex has an MBA specialising in corporate social responsibility, as well as a diploma in CBT.  Following her own ADHD diagnosis, Lex has been on an intense learning and growth journey. ADHD has gifts no one could imagine, but with the sweets comes the sours and this has led to Lex experiencing the difficulties that ADHD brings. Lex is passionate about working with Adults with ADHD to understand their own superpowers and Kryptonite.

Lex’s ADHD UK events: www.store.adhduk.co.uk/product-category/coach/lex-harvey-bryn

Lex’s website link to contact her directly: https://www.coachingadhd.co.uk/

Lex Harvey Brin

Name: Natasha Hickling 

Qualifications: Certified ADHD Life Coach (CALC), with training from iACTcenter which is approved by the International Coaching Federation. Trained Mental Health First Aider.  Elective Coaching Course In ADHD Family Coaching with ADDCA which is approved by International Coaching Federation.

About them: Before becoming a coach, Natasha qualified as a primary school teacher. She spent the past few years working as a Special Needs Coordinator (SENCO) at an international institution in Malaysia, but she has now returned to the UK to pursue her passion of working as an ADHD coach after getting diagnosed in her 20s. She specialises in coaching young adults and adolescents. 

Natasha’s ADHD UK events: www.store.adhduk.co.uk/product-category/coach/natasha-hickling/

Natasha’s website link to contact her directly: www.indigo-hub.com

Natasha Hickling

Name: David Levy

Qualifications: Counsellor trained in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy. He is an approved member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP)

About them: David specialises in the treatment of ADHD, anxiety, depression, stress, addiction, and issues with self-esteem and relationships. He endeavours to create a safe, non-judgemental environment for his clients. In his spare time, David enjoys reading, cooking, and walking his dog.

David’s ADHD UK events: www.store.adhduk.co.uk/product-category/coach/david-levy

David’s website link to contact him directly: www.n20counselling.co.uk

David Levy

Name: Henry Shelford

Qualifications: Flow Coaching Institute, MBA (Darden, University of Virginia – Batten Scholar, C Sheppard Distinguished Service Award, and elected Student President), MSc (Manchester), BSc (Hons) (King’s College London), Fellow Royal Geographical Society.

Awards: In March 2021 Henry was made a Point of Light by the Prime Minister for his work helping people with Sarcoidosis during the pandemic.

About them: Henry is the co-founder, Chairperson and CEO of ADHD UK. He was diagnosed with ADHD in his early 40s and is now in his late 40s. He co-founded ADHD UK to positively change what it means to have ADHD in the UK – with specific focus on fundamentally changing the lived experience. He has a background at the top level of organisations with a history in finance, Venture Capital, successful CEO of a business turnaround, owner of his own business, Chairperson of a rare disease charity, and now working in ADHD UK. His area of expertise is helping people with ADHD who are in senior leadership positions, business owners, or entrepreneurs.

Henry’s ADHD UK events: https://store.adhduk.co.uk/product-category/coach/henry-shelford/

To discuss coaching with Henry you can book a discovery call here.
To book coaching directly with Henry you can book here.

Henry Shelford