About the Global ADHD Conference


This conference aims to:

  • provide the best of ADHD around the world to a global ADHD audience … either watching live or on catchup;
  • In 2022 we created the World’s Biggest ADHD Conference and 2023 will be bigger again.
  • We aim to progress understanding of ADHD individually, locally, nationally and globally. That allows us to learn the best from each other and in doing so raise all of us up;
  • raise substantial funds for the charities organising the event;
  • Last but not least we intend that to cement this as an annual event – building bigger and stronger every year and continue to positively change what it means to have ADHD – wherever you live.

Organising Charities

This second Global ADHD Conference has been primarily organised by two globally opposite charities – immediately circumnavigating the world. ADHD UK in the United Kingdom and ADHD Australia in Australia.

If you are an ADHD charity anywhere in the world, please contact us to discuss getting involved for Conference.


The conference is not for profit. All proceeds go to positively changing what it means to have ADHD and are split on an agreed basis between the contributing charities.