2023 Global Conference

Welcome to the Global ADHD Conference

A truly global conference. Spanning the globe by running for 24 hours across all time zones. Bringing together the best of ADHD experts to audiences across the regions of the world to learn the best of ADHD from each other. Raising ADHD understanding individually, locally, nationally and globally.

We move with the sun to connect every part of the globe with important experts in their time zone. Watch live on YouTube and contribute to the Q&A sessions or catch up on any sessions you couldn’t attend.

Our mission is to share the best of global learning on ADHD with the maximum number of people benefiting. This event is therefore FREE to attend … please donate if you can.

Any donation you can make is important. The Conference receives no government funding, the event is not for profit, speakers are supporting the conference with their time and by not taking any fees or even expenses, and all proceeds from donations are split between the participating ADHD charities.

If you are an ADHD charity and or a leader in the world of ADHD and are interested in being involved in our 2023 conference please contact us. And if you’re someone wanting to attend the Global ADHD Conference register here.

Starts at 1pm UK time on the 5th October 2023.

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First ADHD Celebrity Speaker Announced!

Comedian and Author Shaparak Khorsandi and has just published her book:

“Scatterbrain: How I finally got off the ADHD rollercoaster and became the owner of a very tidy sock drawer”


REGISTER NOW: Starting 1pm UK time. 5th October 2023.