Able Futures

9 months FREE mental health support

Able Futures is a UK (and UK-wide) government program for those in work (or individuals otherwise eligible for Access to Work) whose circumstances or mental health may affect their well-being or work performance. It provides access to around 9 months of mental health support. Generally made up of monthly support sessions. The support is for wider mental health and, although not ADHD-specific, can be very useful. They do talk about specific help around Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Mental Well-being, Eating and Drinking, Seasonal Affective Disorder, and Bereavement.


  • Confidential support to work through issues on your mind affecting your time at work, i.e. motivation/anxiety/attention/mood etc.
  • Video or phone call sessions are used to build strategies to manage well-being and work performance. Documented in a Support Plan.
  • Support is tailored to the individual. You can have any role within the organisation, from those at the beginning of their careers to senior leadership.
  • You do not need a diagnosed mental health condition.
  • Able Futures is a Department for Work and Pensions funded (no cost) service to support employee mental health. Ingeus deliver Able Futures on behalf of the DWP.
  • You do not need to be staff. You can also be a contractor/agency staff/freelance etc. You can be self-employed.
  • The sessions are not intended to interfere with attending work. Able Futures aims to fit around commitments with monthly calls or video calls.

Wait List and Application

We are informed there is no waitlist and that they generally respond to first applications within one working day.

Individuals can apply via the website: or by calling 0800 321 3137, 8 am to 10.30 pm, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays). Organisations and Managers are able to promote the scheme – the information and posters below may be particularly useful for that.

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Additional Resources

Introductory Video

Short Presentation


Employer Toolkit