Press and Media Enquiries

ADHD UK has worked with a number of Press and Media Organisations – including recently BBC, ITV, Sky News, LBC, Talk Radio, The Guardian, The Times, The Independent and many others. We are enthusiastic about having ADHD spoken about. We’re want to inform and support your story involving ADHD.

Talk to us

For quotes, background information, or for live or pre-recorded interviews contact us at [email protected]. or call on

07401 122 343

If you are a media or journalism undergraduate or postgraduate student please contact us through our contact us page.

Use our accredited/ referenced data source for your story

Important facts and figures on ADHD. These are the figures we use. Reviewed by us with the references detailed for your own fact checking. Figures you can confidently use in your story. Click here for our media information page.

Our language style guide

Suggestions on how to write and speak about ADHD. Click here for our language style guide.

Get Case Studies from our Press Panel – Over 60 people available

Our panel of individuals is ready and willing to provide comments or be interviewed by you. Their summary story and contact details are available on our dedicated Media Access Press Panel page. The password protected page is here. To request the password and gain access please either contact us or fill in this form.

Have us do a call out for Case Studies for you

If you need a specific case study – someone in a specific area or who has had a specific experience. Then get in touch and we can do a call out for you. We do these regularly. Our substantial reach means we have a high success rate.

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