About Us

ADHD UK was founded in 2020 with a mission to help those affected by ADHD – either those that have the condition or people close to them: family, friends, employers, and co-workers.

ADHD UK is a charity funded solely from personal donations – of both time and money. ADHD is a condition that affects a significant number of people in the UK and, as every person is unique, it impacts individuals differently. We aim to help people navigate their life with ADHD, we want to reduce the stigma that some attach to those with ADHD, build awareness, and undertake or fund research that will have a meaningful positive impact on those with ADHD.

We are a registered charity with charity number 1188365.

Our People

Henry Shelford BSc (Hons) MSc MBA FRGS

Henry Shelford BSc (Hons) MSc MBA FRGS

Chairperson and Co-Founder

Henry was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult. He founded ADHD UK after seeing the need for more support for people with ADHD. He was previously Chairperson and CEO of SarcoidosisUK where he built the charity from near nothing to becoming a global leader for Sarcoidosis support, information and research. In March 2021 Henry was made a Point of Light by the Prime Minister for his work helping people with Sarcoidosis during the pandemic.

Henry has an MBA from Darden (University of Virginia) where he was a full Batten scholar, elected Student President, and awarded the C Sheppard Distinguished Service Award. He has a MSc in Marketing from the University of Manchester, and a BSc in Environmental Science from King’s College London. Henry is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.


Dr Max Davie MA MD

Dr Max Davie MA MD

Trustee and Co-Founder

Max is a specialist in ADHD and has ADHD. He is a Paediatrician, working in Lambeth as part of Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital NHS Trust Community Services.

He is past convenor of the Paediatric Mental Health Association and current Health Improvement Officer for the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health. Max leads the How to Manage: Emotional and behavioural problems in community paediatrics course at the College. He graduated from the University of Cambridge and finished his specialist training in London.

Our Four Goals


Providing accurate, pertinent, quality information for people with ADHD, their carers and medical professionals.


Providing emotional and informational support for people with ADHD and their carers via telephone, email, social media and support groups.


Undertaking or funding research that will have a meaningful positive impact on those affected by ADHD

Awareness and Advocacy

We are raising awareness and understanding of ADHD. We are fighting to remove any stigma and discrimination of those with ADHD.

Nothing is possible without fundraising or donations

Our income is solely from private individuals such as you. We receive no government funding or grants. Please consider fundraising or donating to support our work. Thank you!