Useful Resources

ADHD charitable organisations around the world.

See the perspective of other countries to perhaps help round your own perspective.

Australia: ADHD Australia
Canada: Centre for ADHD Awareness Canada
New Zealand: ADHD New Zealand
USA: CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder).

ADHD on Youtube

How to ADHD. Jessica McCabe’s highly reccomended ADHD channel. You can also see her TEDx Talk here.

National Geographic: What is ADHD

ADHD Podcast

Extraordinary Brains by our co-founder Dr Max Davie

Finding an ADHD Coach

We reccomend meeting the coaches we know and value via our Ask an ADHD Coach events.

You can also find coaches via:


You can also find some good questions to ask coaches here.

Examples of ADHD / Neurodiversity Workplace Intiatives

Royal College of Nursing – Support for Neurodiverse Nurse Staff
Creative Differences – Universal Music’s handbook for embracing Neurodiversity


ADDITUDE’s guide to ADHD characters in movies.

ADHD Organiser/Decluttering Help

APDO Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers have organisers with an ADHD specialism. In “Find an Organiser” select ADHD/ASD in the “Search by specialism” option.

News Articles on the importance of diagnosis

Jane Robert’s first person account about her son Ben. (Metro, May 2020) How his ADHD went undiagnosed for much of his life. How he therefore struggled with the challenges without support. Ulimately resulting in a path where he took his own life aged 30. “With a correct diagnosis aged seven, I’m convinced Ben’s life would have followed a different path”

I was diagnosed with ADHD at 37. (Sunday Times, April 2020). First person article by author James Bloodworth. Always in trouble at school. Dead-end jobs. Failed relationships. James Bloodworth often wondered why he found life so difficult. Then four months ago, a psychiatrist gave him the answer – and a new way of looking at the world.

ADHD tools

Focusmate – working with someone quietly on zoom. A number of ADHD people have told us that having someone there to help hold them to account is effective for them.

Remarkable 2 – an e-paper notepad that syncs your written notes to your computer. With a simple interface and no other apps to distract.

Otter.ai – app providing real-time transcription of your meeting. Useful for notes and useful for scrolling back to catch up if your focus moves out of the meeting for a period.

ADHD in the Workplace / Employment

UK Institute of Management on the value of Neurodiversity in the workplace (Oct 2020)

Exceptional Individuals – Recruitment company specialising in the Neurodiverse – including ADHD.

Access to work. Our information page is here.

ADHD Comics

ADHD Alien – comics about the daily struggle with ADHD seen through the eyes of the ADHD Alien
Dani Donovan – ADHD mental health illustrations.

The lighter side of ADHD

Under the sea (song) – a parody

Want to deep dive into ADHD?

664 pages of NICE Clinical guidelines for ADHD. The authoritive guide for the treatment of ADHD in the UK but do note, and quoting the guide, “Guidelines are not a substitute for professional knowledge and clinical judgement”, which means the guidelines are not absolute and your doctor can exercise flexibility from them.

59 pages from Greater Manchester NHS Combined Authority regarding their treatment strategy.

Take a free online course on ADHD from King’s College London University & Futurelearn.

Take a free online course “Understanding ADHD” from the Open University

And not to forget Wikipedia. Where the main ADHD page alone offers over 17,000 words and 250 references.

Sunflower Scheme

People with ADHD may want to show Sunflower Scheme items to indicate they have a hidden disability. You can buy Sunflower Scheme items (E.g. lanyards, cards, pins) from the Hidden Disabilities Store. https://hiddendisabilitiesstore.com/

Autism and ADHD

There are a significant number of people with both ADHD and Autism. If you’re an adult and think you might have autism the AQ50 is an autism screener for adults who may have been missed previously.

Mental Health Well Being Scale & Tracker

The Warwick Mental Health Well Being Scale is a well respected scale and if used intermittently can be used to track change. It has been used by people making lifestyle changes, medication changes or other changes/learning as a tool to help track the impact of those changes.