Useful Links

ADHD charitable organisations around the world.

See the perspective of other countries to perhaps help round your own perspective.

Australia: ADHD Australia
Canada: Centre for ADHD Awareness Canada
New Zealand: ADHD New Zealand
USA: CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder).

ADHD on Youtube

How to ADHD. Jessica McCabe’s highly reccomended ADHD channel. You can also see her TEDx Talk here.

National Geographic: What is ADHD

ADHD Comics

ADHD Alien – comics about the daily struggle with ADHD seen through the eyes of the ADHD Alien
Dani Donovan – ADHD mental health illustrations.

Want to deep dive into ADHD?

664 pages of NICE Clinical guidelines for ADHD. The authoritive guide for the treatment of ADHD in the UK but do note, and quoting the guide, “Guidelines are not a substitute for professional knowledge and clinical judgement”, which means the guidelines are not absolute and your doctor can exercise flexibility from them.

59 pages from Greater Manchester NHS Combined Authority regarding their treatment strategy.

And not to forget Wikipedia. Where the main ADHD page alone offers over 17,000 words and 250 references.