ADHD and Work

We have created a welfare pack to help people with ADHD in the workplace. It is designed to educate on what it means to have ADHD in the workplace, and to aid the conversation between an employer and an employee with ADHD with the aim of increasing mutual understanding and to help identify helpful reasonable accommodations.

This program is in DRAFT / BETA at the moment and we are looking for feedback on it. This deals with the very important issue of people’s jobs and careers in the workplace so we must issue a disclaimer that whilst every effort has been made with it that it is used at your own risk.

The welfare pack is constructed of three sections :

  • An introduction to ADHD from the perspective of the employer. For the conversation to be impactful it is essential that the employer has a good understanding of ADHD.
  • A structured conversation. This aims to ensure a well-rounded, disability-focused conversation between the employer and the person with ADHD. Without structure we’ve found the conversation can often be too short and focused on “problems ” rather than traits.
  •  A list of ideas for workplace adjustments. Reasonable adjustments that have come out of our own research. We name it “Ideas” so as not to close off any adjustments that might come out of your meeting.

If you’d like to explore the BETA program and are willing to provide feedback then please click the link below for access.

If you are using the pack and want advice on it, or advice on ADHD in the workplace,  ADHD UK is for a limited time providing free support. This is available to anyone in the workplace: interviewer, interviewee, with ADHD or not.  If you would like that please arrange a zoom call here.

If you’ve downloaded previously and are checking for updates the current pack is Version 210916

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