Get Involved with ADHD UK

Help us help change the world for those with ADHD

We take your commitment seriously and have a number of ways in which you can get involved. See below for some ideas.


Funds are essential for us to change the world for those with ADHD. We’ve got plenty of fundraising ideas and support for you.

We can only do the work we do because of funds raised for us. Please consider fundraising or donating to ADHD UK.

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Become an ADHD UK Ambassador

We’re looking for people to get involved in our mission to change what it means to have ADHD in the UK. There is an enormous amount to do around our five pillars of – support, information, research, awareness and advocacy.

Ambassadors are people who want to get involved in our work. They may have particular skills, may have influence in an organisation or group, or simply be someone impacted by ADHD. Ambassadors also get involved in helping to fundraise for the charity. There is a minimum fundraising target of £500 every 12 months.

If this sounds of interest to you and you want to learn more please get in touch to learn more about becoming an ADHD UK Ambassador.

Join our Press Interviewee Panel

If you’re willing to speak to members of the media about your ADHD lived experience then please consider joining our press interviewee panel. We need a broad range of perspectives and experiences – so whatever your story do consider joining. You need to be happy to talk and have good general availability to respond quickly to any requests.

Become an ADHD UK Changemaker

If you’re not in a positon to become an Ambassador but still want to support our change goals please consider becoming an ADHD UK Changemaker. Changemakers support our Ambassadors in lobbying for local change. Register to be put in touch with your local ADHD UK team. If we don’t yet have a team in place then we’ll let you know when we do. If you are interested in being part of the leadership team or starting a lobbying group in your area then please consider becoming an Ambassador.

Register to Volunteer

We take offers to volunteer very seriously and value them hugely. If you are interested in volunteering with ADHD UK please fill in our registration form to tell us more about yourself and to help us match you to opportunities as they arise.

You can also tell us if you have any particular skills or qualifications that could be of special interest in helping us. We review all registrations and will then be in touch as opportunities arise.

Volunteer Coders

We strongly believe in the power of technology to help those impacted by ADHD.

We’re in the process of creating a new tool to help ADHDers find strategies, systems and products that help them.

We’re coding it now and need your help! Get in touch to learn more and talk about potentially getting involved.

Complete our Research Surveys

Help us help others by sharing your knowledge and experience in our research surveys.

Do you offer ADHD services?

If you are an organisation or individual offering services to people with ADHD focused on their ADHD, and think we can work together to help the ADHD community, then get in touch via our ADHD Services Form.