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Working Together

We work with a number of organisations/individuals to provide an element of their services for free to our audience.

That helps us as a charity get support to people at no charge while also acting to help people find useful services they might want - with some becoming paying customers for you. We believe it’s a win-win that is positive for all.

Example 1: "Ask an ADHD Coach" sessions get coach advice to people at no cost, helps individuals looking for coaches identify coaches they think they'll click with (itself a useful support service), and get coaches new clients. Clients who are self-selected to more likely to be more successful with them.

Example 2: “Mental Health First Aid Course”. A trainer looking to complete their qualification in Mental Health First Aid needed to have completed the training of a number of qualification courses for them to graduate. We partnered with them to provide the course at the direct cost plus a small donation to ADHD UK. The trainer was able to get enough students to complete their qualification and we were able to offer our audience a course at much reduced cost.

Example 3: Mindfulness Course. A specialist in mindfulness wanted to help our community. They ran a 6 week group course on mindfulness via our platform. Helping those in our community who wanted to understand mindfulness more.