Facebook Participation Rules and Guidelines

The rules and guidelines below have been written to ensure that the ADHD UK Group remains an inclusive, supportive and safe environment. If you have any questions, please get in touch with ADHD UK using the contact us page – we would love to hear from you.

The ADHD UK Facebook Group is a welcoming and inclusive community where anyone affected by ADHD can connect together and help support each other.

ADHD UK  also post regular updates and information about the charity’s work and activities.

Posts: ALL posts are moderated to make sure they are suitable for the group. Moderation is possible during normal working hours and, thanks to amazing volunteer support, sometimes outside of working hours. Moderation is usually not possible between 10pm and 6am. We know how important it is for members to receive support and so endeavour to approve posts as quickly as possible.

The following posts are NOT suitable and will NOT be accepted:

1) Contact details (e.g. phone numbers), personal attacks, abuse, negative or unhelpful comments, bad language.

2) Any advertising, fundraising or other internet content which is not related to ADHD or ADHD UK.

3) Promoting research or treatment options which is not evidenced based and/or published in a reputable journal.

4) Any strong religious, political or other ethical opinions which could upset other members.

Members: New members to the group will be approved only once they have answered 2 screening questions about how ADHD affects them and why they want to join the group. This ensures the group remains purposeful and reduces the chance of malicious members or cyber attacks.

Disclaimer: ADHD UK moderate ALL new posts to the ADHD UK Facebook Group and are extremely careful to only publish members’ posts which contain verified and trustworthy information and external links to known and trusted sources. However it is NOT possible to moderate comments in this way. It is therefore possible that occasionally comments on the group discussion may contain information or guidance that ADHD UK believes to be false or harmful for members. ADHD UK cannot take responsibility for any action taken by members’ having read guidance on the ADHD UK Facebook Group. We highly recommend patients’ consult their GP or other healthcare professional and talk through any changes they are considering, particularly if this involves medication or other treatment.

Suicide and self-harm: If you notice that another member is in danger of suicide or self-harm, please follow both the following actions:

1) Report the activity immediately to ADHD UK hello@adhduk.co.uk  or 020 3984 9679
2) Follow the guidelines from Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/help/594991777257121/

The ADHD UK Facebook Group and all our other support services are free for everyone to use. Please consider a DONATION to ADHD UK to help us keep these services free. Thank you for contributing positively to the ADHD UK community!