Tips from Jan 6th 2021 Support Group

Be kind to yourself

Acceptance perhaps

Awareness is key and you are not alone.

Be kind to yourself, keep trying to be focussed and organised but try not to get stressed or annoyed with yourself if you don’t always manage it.

See it as a set of amazing abilities rather than a disability.

Appreciate yourself and your abilities. There are things which are your superpower behaviours. Treasure those.

Don’t panic and take telling people at your own pace

Although it often doesn’t feel like it, seeing the world differently is a gift

Embrace your ADHD, if you can learn to love it and don’t be defined by it.

Be patient… 😉


Keep all your appointments & reminders in your phone and set up multiple alerts. A diary and to do lists just get closed, put in a drawer and forgotten about for me.

Make a routine but don’t be strict with or set yourself up for failure

I have a list on my phone called “before you forget”, for those times you walk out of a room and forget what you were doing.

Write things down

Set alarms on your phone

Get organised. Manage your time effectively


Mindfulness and headspace & yoga


Don’t overfocus on meds and other people’s experience of the meds. We’re all different and pills don’t teach you skills, etc. etc.
Do not take prescription medicine. Go to community groups and centres (like this) for direction and empathetic conversations.

Take your meds, they are a life saver


If you’re struggling with something, hack it. Never put bread in your bread bin because there’s a lid? Get rid of the lid. You don’t have to do things in a neurotypical way

Build a strong support group and do what you can to be happy, it’s the only way forward.

You and your brain, are totally different, compared to just you as a whole. How you wake up is most likely how your day will be. Bit by bit, over time, you will slow down. Patience is something you will forget, and remember, and forget….and remember (you get the pattern). 

Gabor Mate’s book Scattered

To try and focus your energies on to something productive such as education or learning.